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In a world full of software offerings, we understand that you are looking for a solution that is unique to your business. We offer custom solutions ranging from data analysis and reporting to full application development. 

Your Ideas

We understand that you have the greater understanding of the way your business works. We work with you to use that understanding to create a powerful solution for you and your business to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly for many years to come.

Our Expertise

Our team will work with you to understand your business process and find areas where you can increase efficiencies to save you time and money.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We can take ‘big data’ and perform the diligent data analysis required to produce the report results that you require.

Application Program Interfaces

We can created interfaces between your database and the databases at Landman Beatty (to streamline evictions) and LB Gray (to streamline collection placements) and are certified with both Yardi and RealPage API's.

Software Automation

From Softomotive's winautomation to Microsoft's Power Automate, we can build software robots that will mimic human processing. If you have mundane repetitive tasks that take hours of human effort, let our team build you a virtual robot that will perform those tasks accurately and efficiently so that your staff can focus on higher value work.

Our Standard

At LBGT we help you create solutions to everyday business problems, delivering a high-quality product with premium customer service.  Our project priority is to deliver on-time and on- dime.  Our customer service priority is to be responsive and effective.

Learn How Technology Can Improve Your Business.

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